Friday, November 10, 2006

Captions Outrageous! Winners [Pop A Squat Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 14 (and 4/5)th Caption Contest. Mr. Right has vowed to come back in the saddle for the Caption Contests to resume points for the second season of the CAPHOG. So thank you to everyone who competed, and just as a reminder, here was the image that was chosen for the contest.

GOP and College says: *To the tune of "Saturday Night"* D-A-V-I-D Hasselhoff, ROCKS!

And now for the awards!

-- Somehow, the dancers doubted the terrorists' version of "YMCA" would make it as a dance craze. – The Random Yak

-- Kos' Kids keep practicing the Nazi salute - and keep failing miserably, just like everything else they try. – hatless in hattiesburg

-- The first all-Democrat rugby team shows solidarity to jihadists at their intial game..."Our team is red hot, your team will be beheaded"! – Beerme

-- Saddam's jury gives a preview of their coming decision, during an afternoon soccer break. – Beerme


#10: The Democratic Party All-Male Cheerleading Squad demonstrate their interpretation of John Kerry's 2008 Presidential hopes by doing their patented "slit your own throat" routine. – Carl

#9: Bill knew that, under the circumstances, no one would be able to pin the fart on him. – Pam

#8: The 2006 Democrats finally get around to revealing their new Homeland Security plan. – walrus

#7: In an attempt to protect themselves from Congressional perverts, House pages have started a rigorous work-out program.- Maggie

#6: It's close to miiiiiiiiiiiiidniiiiiiiiiiiight and somethin' evil's lurkin' in the dark. Under the moooooooooooooooonliiiiiiiiight you see a sight that almost stops your heart. – Greg

#5: "And spank it! And spank it! Two, three, four..." – Damien G.

#4: "I'll take 'Dreams George Michael has had’ for $400, Alex." – V the K

#3: Al Queda training camp for Network News Anchors. – Doc

#2: The Oakland Raiders proudly debuted their new "Chokeleaders" on Monday Night Football. – The Random Yak

And the Winner:
...and now you see what really happens to people who don't do well in school. You get stuck on the New Zealand rugby team." – Carl

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