Saturday, November 25, 2006

Captions Outrageous! Winners [I'm So Beat Edition]

Sorry it's late for the announcing of the winners, but I'm in Springfield, MO to visit my mother's parents for Thanksgiving. And I promise, that a new contest will be right up as soon as I can get around to it. But as a Reminder, here is the picture which was used:

GOP and College Says: "That crap Nancy fed me about "You should be House Majority Leader" gave me the runs. Ugh.... "

So let's get on with the winners!

-- "Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!" - Benning

-- Rutgers? RUTGER... Oh wait, they lost. - walrus

-- Pelosi: "Bush gets to pose with a turkey for Thanksgiving, and so do I." - Rodney Dill

-- Aging Betty Boop and Porky Pig do politics. - Doc

-- Even Jack Mutha has trouble adjusting to Pelosi's new low-cut dresses... - Steve O

-- Nancy to John, "If you had gone to my plastic surgeon and gotten rid of that turkey neck, you might have won." - Doc

#10 "Just go up to your Congressman and say, 'Oops, I crapped my pants!'" - Damien G

#9 "The flags are just props, it's not like I give a rat's ass for this country." - walrus

#8 Murtha: When she said we'd be "in bed together," I thought she was talking about politics... - The Random Yak

#7 Speaker Pelosi basks in victory as the candidate she supported comes in a solid second. - Steve O

#6 Murtha: "Well you won't have me to kick around anymore."
Pelosi: "Good thing we still have John Kerry." - Rodney Dill

#5 Murtha tries to figure out how to "cut and run" from this latest political disaster - er - appearance. - The Random Yak

#4 While Nancy muttered "Should not have had that third bean burrito" to herself, the others quickly learned the meaning of - 'silent but deadly'. - elliot

#3 "Jack, could I use some of the skin from your jowls to even out my face?" - Damien G

#2 "Maybe If I Used The "N" Word I Would Get Some Attention, NUTS! NUTS! NUTS!" - Radio Free Fred

And The Winner:
#1 Pelosi: "Sorry John, as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." - Rodney Dill

Thank you players! See you for this week's contest!

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