Monday, November 06, 2006

A New Perspective On Immigration Laws

Open Borders supporters would like Americans to believe that we have laws governing immigration that are too strict, and need to be relaxed. I've found a list of truely strict laws that should make them flip their rocker.

  • Foreigners are admitted “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.”
  • Immigration officials must “ensure” that “immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.
  • Federal, local and municipal police must cooperate with federal immigration authorities upon request, i.e., to assist in the arrests of illegal immigrants.
  • A National Population Registry keeping track of “every single individual who comprises the population of the country,” and verifies each individual’s identity.
  • Foreigners with fake immigration papers may be fined or imprisoned.
  • Foreigners who sign government documents “with a signature that is false or different from that which he normally uses” are subject to fine and imprisonment.
  • Foreigners who fail to obey a deportation order are to be punished.
  • Foreigners who are deported from Mexico and attempt to re-enter the country without authorization can be imprisoned for up to 10 years.
  • Foreigners who violate the terms of their visa may be sentenced to up to six years in prison. Foreigners who misrepresent the terms of their visa (such as working without a permit) can also be imprisoned.
  • A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of thirty to five hundred dollars will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally.
  • A citizen who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison.
  • Foreigners will be restricted on which political offices they may hold.

Other possible laws that I haven't been able to authenticate yet:
If you migrate to this country, you must speak the native language.
You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers allowed.
There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, and all government business will be conducted in our language.
Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

Foreigners must not be a burden to the taxpayers.

Pretty harsh? Surely no country would impose such laws. You're wrong. Who has you might ask?


How ironic that the number one supplier of illegal immigrants to the United States is the country with one of the most strict immigration laws.

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