Wednesday, November 01, 2006


There's another friendly competition between Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines over who can raise their goal amount ($45,000.00 ea) the fastest. Bloggers are teaming up to raise $180,000 for Valour-IT. Team leaders are:

Blackfive (Army)
Chaotic Synaptic Activity (Navy)
Op-For (Air Force)
Villainous Company (Marines)

(Click here for more information at Soldiers' Angels.)

Current totals as of 11/01/06 10:00 am (Eastern):
Army: $11,583.00
Navy: $7,227.00 (Come on Navy!)
Air Force: $11,384.00
Marines: $10,445.00

I want all the teams to win, but you can pick a team and join them to raise their goal the fastest! It is a friendly competition and there is a lot of bantering going on among the teams, so join the fun!

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