Thursday, November 02, 2006

Captions Outrageous! Winners [Laid Back Edition]

Announcing the winners of the 14 (3/4)th Right Place Photo Caption Contest of Season 2!

I’m really impressed at the number of entries which this contest brought in! Since I am a non-partisan judge, I’ll omit my entry from the winners, and as a reminder, this is the picture that was chosen.

GOP and College said: “Albert says; ‘Kiss my ass, esse!’”

And now let’s get on to the Awards!


-- Ladies and Gentlemen......Mister Albert Pooholes. – Special Ed

-- Pujols awakes from his nap just in time to throw out a Tiger in the 6th inning of game 3 of the world series. Sadly nobody else woke up to notice. – Special Ed

-- Of course, it was Placido who was really the one who was bent over... – Steve O

-- In the final game of the World Series, Pujols reveals the source of the brown substance on Kenny Rogers's hand... – Beerme

-- And for my next trick, I'll need a volunteer... – Carl

-- Unfortunately for Albert the ball was coming in, not going out. – walrus

And now, THE TOP TEN!

#10: Sorry Mr. [Pujols], but you're too old to be a character in James Webb's next novel. – Pam

#9: "An old girlfriend taught me this using ping-pong balls." – Cowboy Blob

#8: I remember this scene for "Saving Ryan's Privates". – walrus

#7: Joe Buck: "Albert Pujols left and right legs were as far apart as Howard Dean and Dick Cheney on that one!" – T.M. Ergin

#6: Albert demonstrates what he learned as a Congressional Page. – Doc

#5: "Ah fart in your general direction..." – V the K

#4: Of course, Cardinals fans never questioned Alberto about the dark smudges on HIS hands like they did Kenny Rogers... – Steve O

#3: "Just put your feet up in the stirrup, if you would please, and I'll start the exam… – GOPAC’s Mom

#2: Albert was a triple threat, being able to catch, slide, and throw gang signs to his homies in one motion. – V the K


#1: Knowing the first base umpire was a "switch hitter", Pujols shamefully tries to influence his call on the close play at first. – Beerme

A round of applause for the contestants, and the winners! Bravo!


#1 - Dissenting Opinion Edition
#2 - White Raspbeary Edition
#3 - Totally Busted Edition
#4 - Havana Good Time, Glad You're Not Here Edition
#5 - Right Hand to God Edition
#6 - Some Assembly Required Edition
#7 - Mad Hatter Edition
#8 - Chain of Fools Edition
#9 - Beyond Her Grasp Edition
#10 - Make Love, Not Jihad Edition
#11 - Are You There God? It's Me, Hugo Edition
#12 - Wake Up and Smell the Kofi Edition
#13 - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire Edition
#14 - The Scion, the Witch and the Saprobe Edition
#14 1/2 - The Big Pigture Edition

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