Monday, November 07, 2005

Aaron Wants to Deck His Fellow Bloggers!

Okay, this could be a lot of fun!

Aaron from Aaron's cc:, one of the wickedly ingenious forces behind Huffington's Toast and the originator of Blogopoly (which sadly got wrecked by over-zealous corporate lawyers), is at it again! This time, taking a cue from the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Aaron is putting together a Deck of Blogger cards.

I would like to take this opportunity to self-nominate this blog for its own card in the deck! I mean, why not? Its not like anyone else is about to nominate us! So, following the recommended formula...

Our blog The Right Place should be eligible in the spades suit poll because:

1.) We are a "Large Mammal" in the TTLB (as required), consistently among the top 1000 in links and often in traffic as well, with over 54,000 visitors (and counting) in just over one year (the vast majority of them just since July of this year alone), and also rank among the top 2500 on Technorati.

2.) Read some of these posts and I dare you not to laugh! (Unless, of course, you are some kind of far-left pinko nutcase.)

3.) Who else's blog has ever been cool and edgy enough to host a multi-blogger masquerade ball on Halloween?

4.) Our weekly photo caption contests kick ass!

5.) The Right Place has been featured in NRO's the Corner and Best of the Web Today by James Taranto at Wall Street Journal's Opinion, and has also been linked to at different times (in some cases quite frequently) by such top-tier weblogs as (in no particular order)...

PoliPundit; Right Wing Nut House; Brainster's Blog; WILLisms; Little Green Footballs; Michelle Malkin; Ankle Biting Pundits; Outside the Beltway; Daily Pundit; The Jawa Report; Ace of Spades HQ; IMAO; Betsy's Page; The Anchoress; Gateway Pundit; Knowledge Is Power; JunkYardBlog; The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler; Don Surber; Lifelike Pundits; Stop the ACLU; The Strata-Sphere; Daly Thoughts; Viking Pundit; The LLama Butchers; Dr. Sanity; Kitty Litter; The Mudville Gazette; Basil's Blog; It's A Pundit; The Conservative Cat; NIF; Resistance Is Futile!; The Alliance; This Blog Is Full of Crap; Marathon Pundit; Musing Minds; Oh How I Love Jesus; The Nose on Your Face; WuzzaDem; File It Under...; Joust the Facts; GOP and the City; Random Numbers; The Flying Spacemonkey Chronicles; THIRDWAVEDAVE; Lucky Dawg News; A Rose by Any Other Name and many, many others (including the now-defunct Conservative Grapevine). We also are frequently featured in memeorandum.

6.) We already have one of the coolest blogging teams there is - and we are on the verge of another stunning announcement!

7.) This trademark quote: "The opposite of right is left. The opposite of right is also wrong. Is it any wonder that the left is always wrong?" deserves to become a new catch phrase, and you know it!

8.) That "No Left Turn" sign would look just bitchin' on a playing card!

So what do you say? C'mon, Aaron! Let us in!

h/t Pat Curley at Brainster's Blog, whom we also really want to see on a playing card!


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