Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Little Known Army Hero

At the end of October there was an attempt to bomb the major hotels in Baghdad where the reporters stay. The plan was to detonate one car bomb and follow it with another larger car bomb (actually a cement truck) to take out the building. There was also another car bomb on the other side of the square trying to take out another hotel. The plan was thwarted by a quick thinking soldier. Well, as is the custom of the MSM, this hero's story didn't make the papers.

Spc. Darrell Green helped thwart a terrorist attack on the Palestine and Sheraton Hotels in Baghdad Oct. 25.
Green, a machine gunner from 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, was pulling security from an observation post at the Sheraton. Upon hearing the explosions of the first two vehicles, Green stood ready for what was to come.

As dust and debris from the explosions subsided, he noticed the defensive barriers had been breached and a cement truck was heading through the gap toward the Sheraton and Palestine hotel complex – a home for many international journalists in Iraq.

The vehicle was 50 feet past the breach when Green took aim and engaged the truck with his machine gun. As he shot and killed the driver, preventing the vehicle from going any faurther, the truck detonated.

“He was trying to kill people,” said Green, a Volusia County, Fla., native. “It was good we stopped him because he would have killed more people and destroyed the building.”

The full story of his bravery can be found at US Army Soldier's Stories There are also many more stories of our brave army soldiers so go and read about our heros.

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