Wednesday, November 23, 2005

'Round the 'Sphere: 11/23/05

The Time Has Come to Question Their "Patriotism"

Teflon over at Molten Thought is fed up!
[h/t: Pat Curley at Brainster's Blog]

H-Bomb from Ankle Biting Pundits has had enough!

Dr. Rusty Shackelford is not just questioning their "Patriotism" - he is calling one of them, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga in particular, a TRAITOR!
[h/t: Dave at The Paladin Blog]

You know what, I am forced to agree! This is a WAR! It is time to stop pussyfooting around this issue - if you are handing the enemy propaganda on a silver platter and defaming our troops, you are NOT a patriot! You are the opposite of a patriot... and I, too, will no longer avoid calling you what you are!

Iran and the Bomb

As usual, Rick Moran is brilliant, and the topic he has chosen this time, is chilling!

The X Man

What is the deal with the whole CNN flashing an "X" on Cheney kerfuffle?

First of all, Bill Quick at Daily Pundit has someone who sent him an audio tape claiming to be of a phone call to CNN, where the people on the other end of the line call the incident "free speech" and say to "tell Bush and Cheney to stop lying." Such things would lead one to believe that the act may have been intentional, but the letter from the woman who recorded the tape is a bit weird, as it mentions the Trilateral Commission - which to me is a red flag. Mr. Quick thought so, too, and talked to the lady, who swears up and down that the recording is genuine. Here is the link, take it with a grain of salt, however.
[h/t: Greybeard commenting at THIRDWAVEDAVE]

But, that's not all! Someone, as I predicted they would, has managed to photoshop the image in such a way as to reveal the meaning of the little black letters under the "X". They are, as it turns out, rather innocuous: "Transition begins after 5 frames of black." You can see it for yourself at The Dan Report. Does that let CNN off the hook? Not yet - someone still may have been flashing that "X" over VP Cheney on purpose. The only thing we know now is that they didn't include a disparaging message on the screen with it, and that it therefore could have conceivably been a technical glitch.
[h/t: Dave at The Paladin Blog]

Help Not Wanted

Another lesson in economics, courtesy of Will Franklin.

Funny Business

Über funnel worthy!

It turns out CNN just used the wrong graphic!

Kitty has some "Blonde Math" to share.

It seems Ace of Spades was checking out the Roach Motel known as Eschaton. I don't think he was very impressed. In fact, I think he was appalled - but not about the politics, about Duncan Black's questionable ability as a blogger. What followed was an exercise in hilarity! To fully enjoy this experience, keep clicking the links to the right of "Main" at the top of the posts for awhile and watch Ace try to emulate Atrios' style! The man was in rare form!
[h/t: Lorie Byrd at PoliPundit]

You just HAD to know THIS was coming!

Blogger News

Congratulations to John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit, who has been featured in this month's "The Month in Review" by Eric Zorn, a prominent columnist with the Chicago Tribune!

Back in their pajamas again!

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