Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good Things

I just read a comment at another blog and it was more of the "What are we really doing in Iraq?" "When we will bring our soldiers home?" and all the usual gloom and doom and how bad things are going. I really think that the left believes if they say it enough, it will be true, and that is depressing...

But while I was reading this comment, a commercial came on the TV. It was one I had never seen before and it really lifted my spirits. It gave me hope that what we are doing in Iraq really is the right thing. That the number of Iraqis who want us there (just until they are ready to stand on their own) out-number the ones who believe that we are occupiers.

When I looked up the website listed on the commercial, I found this quote which really meant a lot...
"The United States has never wavered in its quest to help Iraqis build a democracy that rewards compromise and consensus. The ever generous American people have paid a tragic price, the lives of their finest men and women, to advance the banner of freedom and democracy, a sacrifice for which we are profoundly grateful."
--H.E. Masoud Barzabi, President, Kurdistan Region in Iraq

This is where you can find all three of the commercials that Kurdistan has released. Watch them...Kurdistan-The Other Iraq

The Kurdish people number thirty million, that's the population of Canada. These are the people that Saddam bombed and gassed. The ones that he would have wiped out if he had been able. They are the people that we have had a tumultuous relationship with over the last several decades and it was not all sweetness and light. But then, in the 90s, we aided them by keeping Saddam at bay by the No-Fly Zones. It is due to the maintenence of the No-Fly Zone during Saddam's reign that helped this area of Iraq build their peace. Let us hope that our diligence in the other regions of Iraq will help the rest of the country to build a strong and independent future.

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