Wednesday, November 09, 2005

View Through The (Cracked) Looking Glass

Piggybacking on the observations of T.M. above, the Democrats and their mediacrat allies are letting their hatred of President Bush warp their spin analysis of yesterday's election. The flights of fantasy that I've read today are worthy of Lewis Carrol himself. But Alexander K. McClure of PoliPundit gives this dose of reality:

It is rather interesting to see Democrats crow that President Bush could not deliver Virginia for Jerry Kilgore.

By the same standard, what does it say about Bill Clinton that he could not deliver for Ferrer in New York City?

Frankly, the later is more inexcusable than the former given the 5-1 Democratic registration advantage in the Big Apple.

As a New York City resident, I'm kicking myself that I didn't come up with that myself. Oh, well...

It should be noted that the same election results took place for the Democrats in VA and NJ in 2001. What happened in 2002?

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