Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Favor

On occasion I check out a blog called A Female Soldier 2. It gives the "boots on the ground" story from a woman's point of view. It's interesting to read about what is going on in Iraq from a different perspective. This is what Grey Hawk says about being in Iraq:
"Not all the soldiers like it here, but the majority of us believe in what we are doing. We see beyond the media reports, and beyond the casualities on both sides, to see the wonderful positive things that we are trying to bring the people of Iraq. That once there is security, we can return home and a real infra-structure is left behind in our place for them to build on and become a great and peaceful nation. I am proud to be a part of what I am doing, and pray that Americans at home continue to support us and believe in us. Despite your political beliefs, we the soldiers, believe in our efforts and see first hand the positive and welcomed things our efforts bring to your average Iraqi. The average Iraqi wants what we all want. For there to be security, a political process to take place so they can prosper and lead a normal safe life to raise their children in, and yes they want us to quickly provide this to them and go home, so that they don't have to watch armed troops patrolling residental streets. I don't blame them I wouldn't want that either."

What I have found when I visit her blog is the absolutely inappropriate and nasty comments written by obviously liberal anti-war, Sheehanista-types. I can imagine that Grey Hawk would not want to post nor read her comments when she is slapped in the face by these unfeeling jerks and their comments such as this:
This war is wrong and, because you are taking an active part in it, you are partly responsible for the deaths (both US and Iraqi).

Comments like that are unfeeling to say to the average Joe, but to post them on a soldier's weblog is unforgiveable. The favor I would ask of everyone is that you stop by her blog and write some supportive comments. I'm sure she could use a morale boost. She needs to know that she has supporters and that we're behind her and her mission 100%. Thank you!


Thanks for the link!

Jake Jacobsen at Freedom Folks

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