Sunday, November 06, 2005

"Can't stop thinking about sex?"

For me, that's a fair question to ask. But a seven-year-old???

Kathleen Parker:

Parents increasingly at war against a culture they find aggressively sexualized just lost another battle. This time against the local school board.

In a recent ruling, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (that be the Left Coast) determined that parents do not have a fundamental right to control when, where and how their children are taught about sex.

The ruling stems from a case filed by a group of Palmdale, Calif., parents whose elementary school children were given a questionnaire of dubious content. In their complaint, the parents said they would not have allowed their children to participate in the survey had they known of the sexual nature of some of the questions.

Kids ages 7 through 10 were asked, for example, to rate the following activities according to how often they experienced the thought or emotion:

"Touching my private parts too much."

"Thinking about having sex."

"Thinking about touching other people's private parts."

"Thinking about sex when I don't want to."

"Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside."

"Not trusting people because they might want sex."

"Getting scared or upset when I think about sex."

"Having sex feelings in my body."

"Can't stop thinking about sex."

"Getting upset when people talk about sex."

As they say, read the whole thing. But for all the talk in some quarters about Sam Alito being out of the judicial mainstream, where does the Ninth Circus fit in?

UPDATE: In light of the above, is this a surprise?

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