Friday, November 18, 2005

Not-So-Missing Links! [11/18/05]


Aaron's cc: is voting for SPADES in the Deck o' Bloggers. Someone, who shall remain nameless, promised to nominate me - they didn't! Okay, write me in - if not I want a Diamond! I want to be on a card!!! {crying} (Voting is done in the poll section of the lefthand margin.)

Meantime, the final results are in on the Hearts and Clubs, which include someone who broke my heart after all I did for her! {sniff}

Anybody who cares to nominate this humble {ahem} little blog for this year's Weblog Awards, can do so anytime they wish thru next Saturday. And if any of you think you are worthy of consideration, drop me a comment or an e-mail noting which category or categories you think you measure up in, and I can see if I can help you out.

BTW, we are in the 501-1000 block in the TTLB section for anyone wondering what size we take if you were thinking of giving us a nice Christmas present {wink, wink}. We also like some of those other categories, too: Best Blog, Best Group Blog, Best Conservative Blog, Best Humor/Comics Blog... all very nice!

Why am I just finding out about this now? The Top Ten Finalists are squaring off for the title of Greatest Post EVER at Politburo Diktat.
[h/t the man]


If you have not heard anything about this yet, you need to know! Sony/BMG has been secretly sabotaging people's computers with a trojan horse/worm program that is hidden on many of its recently issued music CDs. The idea was to prevent piracy, but it opens a door for malignant programs to hide themselves on your PC in such a way as to make them next to impossible to detect or remove!!! If you have any recently purchased Sony or BMG music CDs, DO NOT INSERT THEM INTO YOUR WINDOWS BASED PC!!!

Sony/BMG is issuing a patch program to repair the damage, but several viruses are already out there exploiting it! Yikes!

For all the details, see Bruce Hayden's marvelous new blog dedicated to this subject: SONY DRM ROOT KIT CODE. You can also find much more at his regular blog. Just keep scrolling!


Looks like the House GOP is all set to call the Dems' bluff on an immediate Iraq pullout! Stop the ACLU has the details!

The head of an NAACP chapter in Florida... are you ready for this?... has switched to the Republican Party! Read all about it!

Pat Curley has a story all about a fellow who thinks human beings should become voluntarily extinct! Okay, I'll tell you what - you go ahead, and we'll follow your lead - no really we will - you'll just have to trust us! Buh-bye, now!

Open Source Media (nee Pajamas Media) launched earlier this week. They have some great folks involved, but I remain a bit skeptical of this venture for now. For one thing, it seems they already have a problem with the new name. Turns out, there already is another Open Source Media out there, and they are not too thrilled about sharing the moniker. Oops! Incidentally, Dennis the Peasant is having WAAAAAYYY too much fun with this!


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