Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election 2005

The "mainstream" press (i.e., the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party), the left-wing bloggers and various ranking Jackass Party members will try to tell you that last night was a big, big night for Democrats everywhere and that the Republicans are DOOMED! Hogwash! The fact is, last night held quite a bit of good news for GOP fans, if you know where to look. Just don't expect the media to play it up much.

First, the bad news...

Heavily Democrat New Jersey elected a sitting Democrat U.S. Senator as its Governor. Oooh! What a shock! If the Democrats hadn't won this one, they really would've looked ridiculous. The fact is, New Jersey voters appear hungry for more Socialism and corruption - making Jon Corzine a perfect choice! We're doomed - NOT!

Virginia voters elected Democrat Tim Kaine over Republican Jerry Kilgore. Here's where the press will go berzerk with the meme that all Republicans everywhere are finished. Ha! The reality is what it usually is in most every political race. One candidate was preferred over another. After 4 years of a popular Democrat Governor in Mark Warner, voters accepted the premise that Kaine will continue his legacy. We'll all see, in time, whether they are happy with their choice or not. Besides, by some accounts, Kilgore ran a very poor campaign. But how many on the left will mention that Republicans won the other two statewide offices contested in Virginia yesterday? We're definitely doomed - NOT!

In California, voters rejected Arnold's four ballot intiatives. Gee whiz, you mean the unions and the Dems are better organized for a low turnout off-year election in heavily blue California??? We are so doomed - NOT! PoliPundit's Jayson Javitz, a California native, has the turnout details. For a different perspective on at least one of these measures being defeated, check out W.C. Varones, who says the Democrats blew a chance to give themselves a leg up on winning back the House yesterday. Interesting.

You can bet the left will concentrate everything they have to say for weeks on the above and pretty much ignore the rest of what I am about to tell you. Why? Simple. They want to make it look like the Republicans lost everything there was to lose last night, Bush is a lame duck, the Republican Party is doomed, Democrats will sweep back into power in both Houses of Congress in 2006 and take the White House back in 2008 and there is nothing that can stop that now and Bush should resign immediately because it is all over! Oh, really?

The good news...

New York City returned Gracie Mansion to Republican hands for the 4th straight election cycle! New. York. City. It doesn't get any bluer than that - anywhere. Ha! You can read more here from PoliPundit elections guru Alexander K. McClure.

Ohio voters utterly trashed the sour grapes crowd that blamed the voting process there for Bush "stealing" the election in 2004, soundly defeating all four of their "reforms" by landslide margins. Oops! DJ Drummond of PoliPundit has the details. Try not to laugh at the moonbats, it's not nice! Oh, who am I kidding? Laugh!

Texas became the 18th state to adopt a direct voter-supported referendum against "Gay Marriage". As in all previous 17 states - it wasn't even close! Guess that left-wing ideology is really on the march now, huh?

Forget all the doom and gloom folks. Onward and upward!

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