Friday, November 04, 2005

Please Welcome, Anna!

Once again, I have been busy behind the scenes attempting to take this blog to the next level. The way to do it seems obvious to me - provide more fresh high quality content! The best way to do that? Recruit more talented bloggers to share their unique perspectives on a wide variety of news, politics and current events with our readers.

I have been reading Anna's blog, A Rose by Any Other Name, for a while now - pretty much since the outset as it is only about 3 months old. She has been a frequent visitor and commenter here, and just recently took part in our First "Blogiversary" Party on Halloween. She has a knack for sniffing out good tidbits of news, fun diversions, and compelling stories regarding our heroic troops. Her opinions are solidly right-of-center and she should fit in here quite well, providing a nice compliment to both Stephen and I.

I asked Anna how she wanted me to introduce her to you, and she provided me with the following biographical information:

She is a "happily married mother of 2 teenagers," a "news/blog addict," and a self-described "Domestic Engineer" from the Akron, Ohio area.

Well, Anna, welcome aboard! We all look forward to your many coming contributions to The Right Place!

Anna's first Right Place post appears immediately below this introduction - and be certain to check out her own blog regularly as well!


Thanks for the link!


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