Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And Now: A Public Service Announcement...

Hi, I'm Quasimodo.

You may not know my name, but I'm certain that my face rings a bell!

All my life, I have suffered from a horrible disfiguring condition. People have pointed and stared at me... and I haven't exactly been a hit with the ladies.

Now, there may be hope! Recently, I was told that if you vote for Democrats, all diseases will be cured, but if you vote for Republicans, people like me will continue to suffer!

Republicans don't care about people like me. They like it when people suffer and die! Only Democrats will allocate the money needed to continue such promising research as injecting the discarded brain matter of full-term fetuses into my hump... important research that provides hope where before there was none!

And don't you dare try telling me it's false hope! After all, if John Edwards can make Christopher Reeve walk again, I'm willing to believe that Democrats are capable of true miracles! Won't you please help?


Paid for by George Soros, because he cares!

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