Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flavor of Love: Washington - Part 2

Yeeeeaaaahhhh Booooyyyy

It's Flavor Flav taking over this Right Place.

All right all right, it's time to send another girl home, because - unlike my man Billy Clinton, I can handle only one. We already sent home Hair because she was a dude.

Hottie is the next to go. I'm sorry baby, we had a good time, but you ate the damn clock!

It's time for you to go.

Here are the remaining dope girls that will be trying for my love:
Nancy Pelosi as "Georgia"
Ann Coulter as "Goldie"
Michelle Malkin as "Ping Pong"
John Edwards as "Hair"
Cynthia McKinney as "Crazy "
Kitty Dukakis as "Drinks"
Hillary Clinton as "New York"
Debbie Stabenow as "Hottie"

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