Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hezbollah War Crimes Explained

I was perplexed when my roommate, an Arabic Christian, told me that the areas being bombed by Israel in the Hez/Israel War were Christian communities, but after listening to this interview with Brigitte Gabriel, it all becomes clear.

"The Palestinians would park their cannons in front of our bomb shelter, and shoot at Israel, fully knowing that Israel is going to retaliate. And we're going to die because the way they would do it is they would shell Israel, then drive their tank away. So when Israel would shell back, we,you know, would be dead, and we would make great evening news-great ratings. And that was a tactic that the Palestinians used over, and over, and over. They would hide between civilians. They would shoot their tanks and their cannons from between the civilian's home."

Except one thing. The people living in the houses weren't Muslims.

"And they always chose Christian homes only. Not the Muslims homes. Because they wanted us to die, not the Muslims. And that-t-that's how the war uh, continued. It was unbelievable for us as Christians to even fathom the barbarism and the monstrosities they have committed, because we have no point of reference to such savagery."

They were Christians, just as they had planned. You see, the Palestinians had found a way to accomplish 3 goals, Kill Christians, Make the Jews and Israel look like a villain, and raise even more hatred of Israel in Muslim communities, all without sacrificing one Muslim.

Sound familiar?

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