Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Right Place Photo Caption Contest Hall of Glory: First Quarter of Season Two

Here you are, my precious CAPHOGs, the moment you've all been waiting for!

Not as high as you think you ought to be? Don't worry, Bonuses and Top Fives can catch you up in a hurry, if you can manage to score them. The criteria remains the same as it has always been: make me laugh! The harder, the louder, the longer... the better! First one to land the same general caption idea is given the clear advantage, unless the later one adds a new twist which makes it clearly better than the first.

The current leader is piling on points by submitting dozens of captions each week, so that even if a small percentage of them make the big board, he still accrues a nice pile of points. Sneaky devil. He also happens to be quite talented - a potentially lethal combination, but can he keep it up? The lead is substantial, but not insurmountable, and the man in second place can score in bunches when he's on! Have you got what it takes to topple either one of them?

Some of last season's best have been laying low this year, including the defending champion. Will any of them put on a full-court press to muscle their way back to the top? Stay tuned! We've only just begun...

How the points are being awarded this season:

1st Place = 10 pts
2nd Place = 8 pts
3rd Place = 7 pts
4th Place = 6 pts
5th Place = 5 pts
6th thru 10th Place = 3 pts
11th thru 20th Place (when awarded) = 2 pts
Honorable Mention = 1 pt


I decided that since so many of you are spending so much time being so clever and creative and going beyond mere captions, that this year I am going to reward your creativity in a more fitting manner. A photoshop or other especially clever creative work (such as a song or poem) that is given bonus status, is now worth 3, 5 or 10 points at the judge's discretion. 3 points will be awarded for something mildly amusing or for a reworking of a joke that has already been done with a slightly new twist. 5 points is still the standard for a job well done on something that just plain made me laugh. 10 points is given out only for going over the top with something especially creative or hysterically funny that would merit being awarded the equivalent of a winning caption points-wise.

Participation Points:

I also award participation points. Every player, regardless of whether they make the winners' list or not, is given 1 credit for every contest they participate in. It doesn't matter whether they submit 1 caption or 100, each week they play is worth 1 credit. When they accrue 4 credits, they are awarded 1 point. In other words, they get 1 point for every 4 contests they play in, regardless of any other points they may or may not receive. To summarize: Participation in 4 contests = 1 point.

Bonuses Awarded:

Everyone listed below, please take a much deserved bow for your efforts!

Week 7 - Song, 3 pts

Week 7 - Photoshop, 10 pts

Cowboy Blob:
Week 11 - Photoshop, 10 pts

Damian G:
Week 3 - Song, 10 pts
Week 11 - Song, 10 pts

hatless in hattiesburg:
Week 2 - Photoshop, 5 pts
Week 9 - Photoshop, 5 pts

Magical Pat:
Week 6 - Song, 5 pts

Week 11 - Photoshop and related parody, 10 pts

Week 5 - Song, 3 pts
Week 7 - Poem, 10 pts

Participation Points Awarded:

Here is a list of everyone who has earned participation points and the number of contests they have participated in. A special thank you and congratulations to all 8 of those who have managed to achieve a perfect attendance record by participating in all 13 contests thus far!:

3 pts (10):

13 - Beerme
13 - benning
13 - Damian G
13 - Doc
13 - John Ruberry
13 - Pam
13 - Rodney Dill
13 - walrus

12 - Steve O
12 - V the K

2 pts (11):

11 - GOP and College
11 - hatless in hattiesburg
11 - LongTabSigO
11 - the man
11 - Stew

10 - radio free fred

9 - Maggie
9 - sgt fluffy
9 - Zsa Zsa

8 - Anna
8 - Greg Finnegan

1 pt (18):

7 - charles austin
7 - Cowboy Blob
7 - Greg
7 - jimmy b

6 - Carl
6 - The Random Yak
6 - spacemonkey
6 - Special Ed
6 - Windhamite

5 - D Carter
5 - Hoodlumman

4 - Adjustah
4 - DaveD
4 - Dave E
4 - I R A Darth Aggie
4 - McGehee
4 - ScottG
4 - W.C. Varones


If anyone is curious as to whom we have managed to fold, spindle, mangle and/or mutilate thus far, here is a list of the poor, hapless victims of your rapier wit through the 13th contest of Season Two, with our most frequent prey listed first (number of appearances in parentheses). Anonymous by-standers are not included. Keep in mind that more than one celebrity may appear in the same picture, and that the President of the United States is easily the most photographed individual in the world on a week to week basis, making him the most likely to appear in a picture that screams out to be captioned at any given time!:

George W. Bush (7)

Hillary Clinton (4)

Howard Dean (3)
Ted Kennedy (3)
Harry Reid (3)
Chuck Schumer (3)
Cindy Sheehan (3)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2)
Hugo Chavez (2)
Bill Clinton (2)
Al Gore (2)
John Kerry (2)
Ray Nagin (2)
Nancy Pelosi (2)
John Roberts (2)
Donald Rumsfeld (2)
Al Sharpton (2)

Kofi Annan
Harry Belafonte
Joe Biden
John Bolton
Barbara Boxer
Stephen Breyer
Jimmy Carter
Fidel Castro
Dick Cheney
Jacques Chirac
James Clyburn
Russ Feingold
Dianne Feinstein
Al Franken
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Danny Glover
Saddam Hussein
Jesse Jackson
William Jefferson
Kim Jong-Il
Junichiro Koizumi
Osama bin Laden
Ned Lamont
Pat Leahy
Joe Lieberman
John McCain
Cynthia McKinney
John Murtha
Barack Obama
Lisa Marie Presley
Priscilla Presley
Condoleezza Rice
Karl Rove
Tony Snow
John Paul Stevens
Clarence Thomas
Abu Musab al Zarqawi
Ayman al Zawahiri

Other subjects...

Modern Art
Polar Bear
Road Sign
Santa Claus
World Can't Wait

Is there anyone in particular that we've missed that you would like me to keep an eye out for? Let me know. I can't promise anything, only that if I spot a good picture of some poor soul we've overlooked until now who is need of a good drubbing, I'll snag it (unless, of course, one of the many other caption contests out there beats me to it)!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you:
The Official Right Place Season Two, First Quarter CapHOG Honor Roll...

NOTE: Ties were allowed to stand, but to determine the order in which the players were listed, tie-breaks were applied as follows (in order):

Top Finish; Times at Top Finish; Second Highest Finish; Times at Second Highest Finish; Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times at Each Successive Remaining Ordinal; Times Charted; Times Participated; Week of Most Recent Participation.


  • 1) walrus (194 pts) 3x WINNER: Weeks 3, 6, 10*
    [82 Times Charted, 11 Top Fives, 11 Other Top Tens, 2 Bonuses]

  • 2) V the K (139 pts) WINNER: Week 8
    [48 Times Charted, 12 Top Fives, 9 Other Top Tens]

  • 3) Beerme (84 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 5, 11
    [21 Times Charted, 7 Top Fives, 4 Other Top Tens, 1 Bonus]


  • 4) Damian G. (64 pts)
    [16 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 1 Other Top Ten, 2 Bonuses]

  • 5) Rodney Dill (58 pts) 2x WINNER: Weeks 2, 10*
    [21 Times Charted, 4 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 6) hatless in hattiesburg (40 pts) WINNER: Week 13
    [13 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 4 Other Top Tens, 2 Bonuses]

  • 7) Pam (37 pts) WINNER: Week 12
    [19 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 3 Other Top Tens]

  • 8) Doc (36 pts)
    [17 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 9) Steve O (33 pts)
    [15 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 10) the man (30 pts)
    [14 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]


  • 11 tie) Cowboy Blob (23 pts)
    [6 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Bonus]

  • 11 tie) The Random Yak (23 pts)
    [9 Times Charted, 2 Top Fives, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 13 tie) Carl (22 pts)
    [6 Times Charted, 3 Top Fives]

  • 13 tie) Stew (22 pts)
    [6 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Bonus]

  • 15) Maggie (19 pts) WINNER: Week 4
    [6 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 16 tie) Anna (18 pts) WINNER: Week 1
    [3 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 2 Other Top Tens]

  • 16 tie) GOP and College (18 pts)
    [10 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 18 tie) charles austin (15 pts)
    [7 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 18 tie) radio free fred (15 pts)
    [5 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 20 tie) I R A Darth Aggie (14 pts) WINNER: Week 9
    [4 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 20 tie) burke (14 pts)
    [5 Times Charted, 1 Top Five, 1 Other Top Ten]

  • 20 tie) Greg (14 pts)
    [11 Times Charted, 1 Top Ten]

  • 20 tie) jimmyb (14 pts)
    [9 Times Charted, 2 Top Tens]

  • 24 tie) D. Carter (13 pts)
    [7 Times Charted, 1 Top Five]

  • 24 tie) LongTabSigO (13 pts)
    [8 Times Charted, 1 Top Ten]

  • THE CONTENDERS (Minimum of 10 points each)

  • 26 tie) Trias (12 pts) WINNER: Week 7

  • 26 tie) Adjustah (12 pts)

  • 26 tie) sgtfluffy (12 pts)

  • 29) John Ruberry (11 pts)

  • 30 tie) Special Ed (10 pts)

  • 30 tie) benning (10 pts)

  • 30 tie) Chris (10 pts)


    9 Points

    Dave E.
    W.C. Varones
    Greg Finnegan

    7 Points


    6 Points

    Magical Pat

    5 Points

    Greg Toombs

    4 Points

    Zsa Zsa

    3 Points

    N.B. Goldstein
    Dr. Phat Tony

    2 Points

    Buckley F. Williams
    Alan Kellogg

    1 Point

    Colonel Steve
    Omnibus Driver
    Stephen Macklin
    Julie L.

    Congratulations to one and all, and thank you so much for playing!


    #1 - Dissenting Opinion Edition
    #2 - White Raspbeary Edition
    #3 - Totally Busted Edition
    #4 - Havana Good Time, Glad You're Not Here Edition
    #5 - Right Hand to God Edition
    #6 - Some Assembly Required Edition
    #7 - Mad Hatter Edition
    #8 - Chain of Fools Edition
    #9 - Beyond Her Grasp Edition
    #10 - Make Love, Not Jihad Edition
    #11 - Are You There God? It's Me, Hugo Edition
    #12 - Wake Up and Smell the Kofi Edition
    #13 - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire Edition


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