Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Gimme An 'L'..."

... gimme an 'I'. Gimme an 'A'. ...

Sen. Hillary Clinton demonstrates she's a chip off the Big Bill block in a New York Senate debate:

Clinton's presumed national ambitions took center stage in the early moments of the forum, but she refused to disclose her plans for 2008, saying she had not made up her mind. Yet, she also refused to say whether she would commit to serving another six-year term in the Senate.

"I'm not looking past this election — I can't make a decision now," Clinton said.

Clinton and Spencer tangled on a range of issues throughout the hour-long forum, including taxes, social security, North Korea's nuclear ambitions, and the conduct of the Iraq war.

Pressed to defend her 2002 vote authorizing military intervention in Iraq, Clinton said she had voted to grant President Bush the authority to send weapons inspectors back into the country — ignoring the fact that the resolution also granted Bush authority to go to war.

"I regret the way the president used the authority," she said.

"If we knew what we know now, there never would have been a vote, there never would have been a war," she said.

I regret the way that you're unable to stand up and defend an important vote, one for which - at the time you made it - there was ample justification.
  • "Authority to send weapons inspectors" back into the country? Give me a break.
  • "Not looking past this election?" Give me a break.
  • "Regret the way the president used the authority," the authority you voted to give him, and which you just got denied that you knew you were voting for? Give me a break.
Just a few short statements and three big lies. Spineless politicians do not become President, Senator Clinton. Just ask Senator Kerry.


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