Friday, October 27, 2006

Captions Outrageous! [Laid Back Edition]

Despite Chris Duncan's best efforts in right field, The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2006 World Champions, and to celebrate (along with every other Friday) TRP is hosting another Caption Contest. Mr. Right was busy this week, and asked me to fill in again, and I found a beauty from tonight's game.

The picture comes to us from Reuters via Yahoo! News. If you watched the game, (or read this piece) you'll know why the picture was actually a GREAT moment in the game.

This contest will run until Tuesday at 11:59 PM, so answer me, what WAS Albert doing in this candid moment? Come on! Bring on the funny!


And here at TRP, we not only love hosting contests, we love to play them as well. So stop by and enter into these great contests after you put your name in the bowl here.

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Something a Little Bit Different...

Cowboy Blob's Celebrity Costume Party Contest!

And don't forget, the always funny, never ending contests at:

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Hi, all!

Mr. Right here.

Sorry this is late, but Blogger wouldn't let anything get posted to this blog since late last night!

GOPAC was kind enough to step in and help again while I continue to spend all my time on various projects (this week it's Blogoweeniversary II, details coming soon).

Rest assured, I have not abandoned the Caption Contest, just taking a short hiatus from hosting it myself. I will resume the normal festivities when I can, likely after the election is over!

In the meantime, enjoy GOPAC's contests and keep the laughs coming.

Mr. Right


Thanks for the link!

Marathon Pundit

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