Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hey Rush You Missed One!

Rush (aka The Godfather according to Neal Boortz) Limbaugh was talking about how he's pissed about somebody using the term "premortem" to describe possible conservative losses in the upcoming election. This was posted on a right leaning blog (Instapundit I think).

Rush had a pretty good commentary relating to blogs and the current Republican majority in politics. I think that it's simply impressive that Rush sees blogs as a legitimate source of information. I know that might sound strange especially since the massive unseating of Dan Rather and his little dog Marla Mapes too. Personally I dwell in the realm of satire and poking fun at the general stupidity of the liberal left.

But seriously, Rush, what about In The Right Place? You dissin' us here? Where's the love man?

(Whoops forgot my promise! Rush caricature appears with permission from original artist. You can find more of his work here.)

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