Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome, Damian G.!

Another day, another new blogger!

(I think this ought to keep you kids busy reading for a bit while I judge the last photo contest and attempt to get started on another project or two.)

I am pleased to announce we have added yet another up and comer to supply some fresh high quality content around here!

Damian G. has been another regular contributor to our photo contest for a long, long time and his own humor-heavy blog has been a source of amusement for anyone lucky enough to have been reading it for even longer. Oh, and he even did a guest blogging stint at the crown jewel blog of conservative humor: IMAO!!! The funniest part? He's only 17!

I asked him for a short bio, and he gave me this:

My name is Damian G., and I am from Amityville, NY. I am a 17 year-old high school senior and attend Catholic school.

I am the son of an Anglican priest, and I have one sister, whose daughter is my greatest gift.

I am as obessed with politics as I am video games, especially Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR to those of us in-the-know), which combines the evils of exercise with the fun of gaming.

I love singing, and I won a karaoke contest held at church camp in August of 2005 - an admission I would regret upon admitting it in theology class, as I was forced to sing nearly every day afterwards. I gave our teacher, who left to become a priest, the proper sign-off of "I Will Always Love You." He is now scarred for life. Heh. In-deed.

My biggest quirk is that I write in British English as a perpetual spite of my horrid junior high language arts teacher, who forced me to spell "traveller" with one "l." Well, who's laughing now, Mrs. Ludgate?!

I am a hard-core traditionalist Christian, meaning I like my clergy straight and male, my Eucharist valid and my Masses High, so if I get all judgemental on yo' a**es, don't take it personally.

Peace out! East Si-eed!

Please join me in welcoming him aboard! His first post is forthcoming.

Now, let's all go out there and win one this November for the Gipper!

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