Friday, October 13, 2006

Looking for Mr. Right...

No, I haven't gone anywhere, I'm just trying to work on some projects.

Now that you kiddies have some good stuff to read, I won't feel too guilty about disappearing for days at a time. Here's some of what I'm working on (not counting reading other blogs, increased work hours, household chores, eating, hygiene and sleepy-bye time... oh - and having a few hours to myself during the week away from the computer!):

1) The new caption contest.

2) The CAPHOG standings, which will be posted ASAP after the current contest ends.

3) Planning Blogoweeniversary II.

4) Updating my Congressional ratings system (RPI) with new data (and a slightly altered mathematical formula) in time for the elections.

5) Creating a "homepage" for the Frequent Flyers Club (much like the CAPHOG page) and adding new members. (I know I've promised this before, but it became a massive project! You will understand why when I find time to finish and reveal it.)

6) Trying to sketch out some new humor material that has been floating about in my head.

7) Backing up my archives in case the unthinkable ever happens.

Things I started working on, but may not have time for anytime soon:

1) Updating that woefully outdated Right Place Anthology site.

2) An election-related project so big in scope that I just may not be able to get it off the ground in time for it to be meaningful. (I had no idea what I was getting myself into!) NOTE TO MY CO-BLOGGERS: If any of you want a dilly of a project to dive into, let me know. I warn you, though, it will be time-consuming, but could be a blockbuster of a post if done right!

So enjoy the other contributors for awhile. When you do hear from me again in any significant way, I promise it'll be worthwhile!

Now, back to my spider-hole...

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