Monday, October 30, 2006

Why I Matter, or, All About Me!

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For over two years now, I've been on the national peace scene. My son (you do know about my son, don't you?) died in Iraq for a cause he believed in (but I don't), and I'm fighting mad. So mad, in fact, that I dream about killing President Bush. But as I'm a peaceful mom from Kookyfornia, I'll leave that for the new Minutemen. (I borrowed that from my good friend Michael Moore.) You might say I have an unimpeachable view on what it's like to have a child die in combat.

But I digress. Since my rise to national infamy, I've made a pest of myself in Crawford, Texas, met with important world leaders like Hugo Chavez (what a hottie!), and written a book that has met with critical accalaim. (It's not fault if my publisher didn't do a good job marketing it!)

Now some twit named Melanie Morgan dares to write her own book that puts me in a bad light! So what if her son knew my son in the Army? So what if her son died too? So what if she chooses to honor him by honoring the sacrifice he made for his family and his country? My sacrifice is the only one that matters!

So don't buy American Mourning. Buy Not One More Mother's Child. Because my son's insurance policy has run out, and I need the money...I mean, it's a story that deserves to be told.

P.S. Howlin' Howie, you are one hot tamale! Let's conference soon, okay?

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