Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What are you thinking!

Flavor Flav - Nancy Pelosi - you make big mistake!

A revolution is not a dinner party, foolish men! (What? Pelosi not man? You jest, right? Looks like man to me.) Your silliness has called me back from beyond my grave to teach you thing or two about revolution.

You think you can pull off White House coup without me? Hah. You much mistaken. (I am a legend, you know. A legend in my own mind.) You too, Cindy Sheehan! You think you understand cult of personality? Prepare to take lessons from the master.

Fortunately, I am benevolent (and too dead to lead this Revolution myself) so I will teach you what I know. Starting with this: Take off those foolish glasses, Pelosi. Everyone know blinders should be rose colored. Yours are too close to fuschia.

Now listen up, as I give Lessons in Revolution for Make Benefit Glorious Party of Moonbattery.

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