Friday, October 13, 2006

The Vagina Democrats

Because I care

Some random thoughts to "help" Democrats in the upcoming elections

In addition to puppies and crying "mommy" when they lose, Democrats should consider comparing themselves to the vagina.

"Gross" you might say! Or "Yucky and disgusting" Or even "Stew Magoo, you are the most disgusting, vile creature with zero sense of anything good and right and furthermore, you are a bad bad man". Actually that happens all the time.

Yet think about it, the vagina is an amazing thing. It brings life to all of us (except Al Gore who is a robot and was manufactured in Dayton) and just about every guy with the exception of Mark Foley and Lance Bass dreams about the vagina in one form or another. Every heterosexual male over the age of five fixates on this magical icon of the female anatomy. Wars have been fought and countless lives lost over it's mystical powers.

So now that you've got a little better perspective, imagine John Kerry, with his orange day glow insta-tan comparing himself to the vagina.

Or Hitlery, er Hillary standing up there on that dias, telling the American people that she wants to be their vagina.



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