Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yo, Blogsnot, What Up With My Spacing, Dawg?

Blogspot, which has lately become more like "Blogs not", or "Blogsnot" if you will, has had more freaking issues in the past few days than I care to recount, but the latest one is really ticking me off!

This is the start of a new paragraph.

Another new paragraph just started here.

And another here.

They will look fine in preview mode. Then I will publish (holding my breath that I am actually going to be allowed to do so), and voila! All paragraphs are united together in one illegible mess!

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it hurts your head to try, thank Blogsnot!

Can you say, "WordPress here I come"?

UPDATE 10/30

Okay, I take it back! I located the problem in my Formatting Settings. I think it must have happened when I tried to backup the contents of this blog to WordPress with their automatic crawler. Anyone got some ketchup for the above words?

Oh, and here comes BLOGOWEENIVERSARY II!!!

(All that wasted time fooling with the template to fix the issue, and it wasn't the template??? Can I please have a tissue to get this egg off my face, too?)

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