Monday, October 09, 2006

Google To Buy You Tube

There has been a large fuss around the 'sphere about how Conservatives are being shut out when it comes to movies on You Tube. Michelle Malkin's movie, "First, They Came," a review of Islamic reactions to various things like the Mohammad Cartoons in Denmark. It was removed, and when Malkin requested an answer of "Why?" None was given.
Now a bit of insight has come into the picture, as to You Tube's recent actions:
Google Snaps Up You Tube for $1.65 Billion
Google has had a tough time lately trying to be anything but standing on the left foot. Google News was called out by Malkin for being a left-wing beater after posting a headline that stated, "Gonzales confirmed: war criminal to head US Justice Department."Even more fishy is the financial contributions which Google's staff have given to political parties. 98% of the almost $208,000 that Google's staff donated went to Democrats.

On top of that, Google is an expert at censoring the opposition after the uproar that was caused when Google started choking off web searches in China. It's no wonder that You Tube has been bending to the Left's wishes of choking off opposing views.

After thinking about it, this site is pushing becoming #6 in my Leftists ≠ Free Speech series.

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