Monday, October 30, 2006

Flavor of Love: Washington Part 1

Yeeeeaaaahhhh Booooyyyy

Man someone just told me that "Hair" was a dude. Yo, I was thinking that anyone who spends that much time doing they hair must be a lady.

Yo Edwards, I want my clock...cause Flava doesn't roll on chicks with a... bleep.


Here are the remaining fly girls that will be trying for my love:
Nancy Pelosi as "Georgia"
Ann Coulter as "Goldie"
Michelle Malkin as "Ping Pong"
John Edwards as "Hair"
Cynthia McKinney as "Crazy "
Kitty Dukakis as "Drinks"
Hillary Clinton as "New York"
Debbie Stabenow as "Hottie"

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