Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Chairman Returns

I see two lists of world leaders on this blog, and yet my name appears nowhere? I think someone needs to write ... a SELF-CRITICISM! I demand 100 words from GoldStarCin on the topic: Why The Great Helmsman Knows More About Revolution Than Hugo Chavez. I don't think Nutilee knows 100 words, so I will expect only a 50-word self-criticism on "Why Barbra is Not Actually A World Leader."

As an aside, I, too, have begun seeing small children dressed in the most extraordinary clothing knocking at the door. In lieu of the sweets they seek, I have offered them voter registration cards (pre-filled and pre-registered, of course) and pamphlets entitled "Impersonation of Little People at Voting Places for the Advancement of the Glorious Moonbat Revolution"

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