Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Chairman Admonishes

Howard the Dean! You lack discipline! (That, and you name China third! People's Republic is much stronger, much better ally than Mexico and Canada. Plus, Chinese voters will put you in power and stay home! Can Mexicans say that? I think not!)

I think it's time for the next lesson: Great Helmsman's Rules for Party Discipline!

1. Person who brings the keg must also bring the cups.
2. Person who brings chips must also bring dip.
3. No one may put a lampshade on his head before the Chairman does.

Wait - wrong rules! Wrong rules! Let me find the right page...

(1) The individual is subordinate to the organization (and the organization is subordinate to whoever yells the loudest. Howard the Dean, you are still winning).
(2) The minority is subordinate to the majority (But not minoritIES. MinoritIES do whatever they want. As long as they are not Republicans or Christians, or other people we don't like.).
(3) The lower level is subordinate to the higher level (unless the higher level is Republican. Or Christian. Or someone we don't like. If Republicans are higher than you, get a bigger box.)
(4) The entire membership is subordinate to the Central Committee (I mean, Democratic National Committee. Of course, Democratic National Committee. Sorry. Little slip-up there.)

Remember! A revolution is not a dinner party! (It is more like a masquerade ball...)

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