Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry Is Right. You Are All Stupid!

Dahlinks! Andrianna endorsed John Kerry for President in 2004. A man who promised $2 Trillion in new spending was Andrianna's definition of a feescal cunsuhvative.

Now, ze dashing senator ze state of Mossahchewsetts has vonce again plucked Andrianna right up ze heartstrings. (Vot? I said "Plucked!")

Only an eedeeot vould go to fight in Bushco's oil var vhen Bush refuses to grant gay couples ze right to have our relationships validated viz a piece of paper from a state bureaucracy. Stopping Islamic expansioneesm is only hokay eef you support full same-sex marriage rights... and put a mint on ze pillow of every terrorist after their spa treatment and interrogation.

John Kerry showed his brains by marrying dumb rich veeman on ze rebound. Zat takes brains and guts, dahlinks. You peasants should listen more to John Kerry, no?

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