Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Right Wording is Everything, Mr. Kerry!

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I’ve heard some disappointing remarks from John Kerry about anyone joining our military being stupid. Being a Gold Star Mom for Peace, I’d like to share some insights that only I can.

My son was not stupid, he was duped. Duped, I tell you, by the evil neocons led by KKKarl Rove and his puppet, George “I’m A Nazi” Bush. No one who is in his right mind would join the military and fight for America. America is not worth dying for, as I’m sure you recall me saying in one of my many press conferences. Had my son known that he might actually have to sacrifice himself for my freedom to disparage his time in the service, he would have held on to my apron string a little longer.

Mr. Kerry, please have someone senior on your staff call my PR manager. I’m sure we can re-word what you said in a way that will keep those idiots who vote Republican in the dark. In the meantime, I’d like to remind you all about my latest book, Not One More Mother’s Child, on sale in fine book stores everywhere. I also have plenty of autographed pictures on hand that can be mailed to your home in a jiffy for a nominal fee. (Nutilee, you can have one for free if you send me one of your Ditzy Chix CDs. Did I tell you how much I looove country music?)

Oh, and Flav? You couldn’t handle the junk in my trunk!

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